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We are happy to share that our first foal from the Gladheart Black Harris/Whippoorwill Oakesia cross, Gladheart Harmony, will be making her new home with Ashley Ruiz and Lori Wilmot of Washington. Harmony will become part of their family as their performance horse. We will miss "Dottie," but are excited for her future with Lori and Ashley. As you can see from the picture, Ashley and Dottie already have a great start on their partnership and we thank them for being wonderful clients and look forward to seeing Dottie grow up in her new home.

Gladheart Celtic Cadence

Gladheart Celtic Cadence is now part of the Fulton Family in Ellensburg,Washington. Her new mom, Dawn Fulton, was looking at this lovely, young filly (and had a name picked out) even before Cadence was born. Dawn had come several times to the farm to look at our horses, so we knew that Cadence, Dawn and Dawn's family, would be an outstanding match. We look forward to hearing about how Cadence is doing as she grows up into Dawn's partner.


Gladheart Madrone has found a new home in Montana with the Gibbons family under the guidance of USDF Gold Medalist and Morgan breeder, Sally Ratke-Anderson. We could not have imagined a better match for this mare, who has been so much fun to bring along. We miss her, but are thrilled she has gotten such a great home!

Gladheart Salish

Gladheart Salish now makes his home with his new family just outside of Kalispell, Montana. Like all of our horses that graduate onto bigger and better things, we are both excited for Salish and sad to see him leave, but we know he will have a great future with the Plummer family and we hope to hear all about their adventures in the future!

Gladheart Camas

We will miss Gladheart Camas—she is one of the sweetest Morgans you will ever meet. However, we are thrilled that she has found a wonderful home with Barb Sypert of Tigard, Oregon. Barb and "Camy" are working withGrand Prix rider, Estelle Thompson-Keating. Good riding and great fun to everyone!


Gladheart Charbonneau (Whippoorwill Aristocrat X Gladheart Sonata) is now partnered with our good friend and dressage rider, Meghan Hendrix. Meghan has been helping us with our horses for more than nine years as well as riding Bo's mother, Gladheart Sonata. We are particularly excited as Meghan's plans include showing Bo--with the help of our trainer (and Meghan's coach), Kim Barker. Bo could not have gone to a better home!

Gladheart Santiam and Amateur Owner, Don Holthofer

Gladheart Santiam (Whippoorwill Aristocrat X Gladheart Sonata; aka "Tug" ) found a home close by in Corvallis with our good friends and fellow dressage enthusiasts, Don and Pam Holthofer. Don and Pam have known Tug since he was a baby, and he was their first horse after a long "vacation" from dressage.

Rogues Midnight MelodyRogue's Midnight Melody (1993-2015; Flight Commander X Rogue's Theme Song) was our first broodmare and the foundation of our program. She not only gave us five lovely foals, but was a joy to ride in the arena or out on the trail, with a true "Flyhawk" trot and exceptional canter. As she was unable to have more foals for us, she went onto to resume her career as a riding horse. She gave us and her new owners years of love and joy, and she will be very much missed.

Gladheart Nighthawk

Gladheart Nighthawk (Whippoorwill Newmoon X Rogue's Midnight Melody) was the second of three foals we had by Whippoorwill Newmoon out of Rogue's Midnight Melody. As with his siblings, Nighthawk is a beautiful, athletic horse with gaits suitable to any sporthorse discipline. He currently makes his home in sunny California.

Desiderata AllanteWe bought Desiderata Allante with dressage in mind, but we wanted to breed Morgans and a gelding just wasn't going to do the job so "Ernie" went on to a new home.  Sadly, Ernie lost the fight with Equine Cushing's in 2006. Below best sums up what a special horse he was:

 "Although I was an experienced equestrian by the time Ernie came into my life, he was truly the first horse I'd ever had a relationship with, who wasn't young, or green, or remedial in some way, and although I've learned from each horse I've ridden, his steady temperament and tractability gave me the opportunity to learn and do new things, such as dressage, and jumping.  He was a willing partner in every pursuit our family asked of him, taking me to Nationals in 2000 to earn a Reserve World Championship in Dressage and Firsts in Working Hunter on the Flat and Dressage Training Level, Test 4; earning the Junior Exhibitor Hunter Championship with my sister at Regionals in 2001; winning the Versatility Award at PNW in 2002 (showing in-hand, riding hunt seat with my sister and I, and taking my mom side-saddle); making me $85 dollars in the OMC five dollar bill race in 2003; and serving as my dad's hunting buddy.  I don't think our family has ever had a dearer four-legged friend--I know I haven't."  Emily Edling.

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