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It is with great sadness that we said good-bye to our dear friends. They were a part of our family and although they are no longer with us here on earth, they remain in countless memories and stories.


BULO DAKOTA KING (1986-2013)

Bulo Dakota KingBulo Dakota King, affectionately known as "Bert", was one of those Morgans that defines what a Morgan should be. Bert wasn't a World Champion Reiner (although he had occasionally made a point to keep our steers in line if needed). He wasn't a Grand Prix Dressage horse (but he had performed a "9" medium trot in his younger days). He wasn't a National Champion halter horse. Bert was a Morgan horse that was worth much more than that.

He was the horse that could go to a dressage clinic or to a show at the last minute, come back home, hang his ribbons on his stall and go out on the trail.

Bert was the horse that everyone could ride without worry. He was the one that you put the kids on at the Sunday School picnic who had never ridden a horse before or the horse to take out when you need an extra mount for a riding lesson. Bert was the the one you turned the young colts out with to teach them manners, and trusted your own youngsters with to take theirBert and Cows first ride.

Bert is the horse everyone remembersfrom the USDF Gold Medalist whom he cliniced under in his younger days to folks who still marvel at the little Morgan with the BIG trot. He was the horse everyone in the family rode, and loved and he will never be forgotten by his family and friends.





Rogue's Midnight Melody and Gladheart SonataRogue's Midnight Melody was our first broodmare, bought from Jean Sauer/Rogue Hill Morgans. Melody wasn't a big, robust mare, but she could handle herself and had three lovely, fluid, expressive gaits. She was also extremely well bred. We wrote the check without a second thought.

Melody was a wonderful horse to work with and ride. She was sensitive and forward, but not hot or hard to handle. "Melly" was a treat to ride, both in the arena and out on the trail. We still remember and miss those rides. She had five foals for us, all of them special in many ways, and was a natural momma. Unfortunately, Melody's last foal resulted in an irreparable torn cervix and she began a second career as a riding horse with new partners.Rogues Midnight Melody

We have been fortunate to have been able to keep track of Melody since she left us, her new owners taking the time to contact us through Facebook as they followed the careers of her babies on our farm page. It was with great, great sadness that we learned of her passing. She touched many lives and we all miss her very much.

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