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A breeding farm is an expression of the values and lifestyles of the owners—what is important to them in regards to the type of horses they breed, the pride they take caring for and raising their horses, how their values are reflected in the care of the land they raise those horses on, and how this is all integrated into their family, friends and home. We are no exception. These are some of the people who are the heart of our farm.

Jack, John, Elizabeth and Nadette Stang

Jack and JoryThe idea of breeding Morgans with sport as a focus, started with Jack many years ago. Visiting farms such as Funquest, Greentree, Teton, Mortana, and Rogue Hill, he looked for a stallion prospect to promote in dressage. As fate would have it, he never did buy a stallion—but he did acquire a wife (Nadette) who was just as enthusiastic about horses as he was. We made a good pair, as in addition to both being horse-crazy, our backgrounds were very complementary: Jack's inNadette and Maus agriculture (more specifically, horticultural crops) and Nadette's in Animal Science (with a focus on equine reproduction).

Eventually, we bought our foundation broodmare from Jean Sauer (Rogue Hill Morgans)–Rogue’s Midnight Melody (Flight Commander X Rogue’s Theme Song). A year or so later came our first foal with our farm prefix, Gladheart Linhawk (Funquest Diviner X Rogue's Midnight Melody). Our daughter, Elizabeth, also was born the same year as Linhawk (her brother, John, had preceded her by a couple of years). So, with our first foal and a good start on some farm help, Gladheart Farm and Morgan Horses had begun.

JohnWhile our son's interests aren't specifically horse-related (he has competed internationally as a weightlifter, which does tend to be useful when we need to move hay), our daughterElizabeth has been bitten by the horse-bug and rides her mare, Gladheart Lyric, in dressage and out on the trail when she isn't attending college in Minnesota and missing her horse and cat (parents come in distant third on the list). At home or away, both John and Elizabeth an important part of our family and the farm.

Meghan Hendrix

Meghan Hendrix and BoMeghan came into our farm family almost ten years ago, just looking for a horse or two to play with (we had a few hanging around for her to try). Almost a decade later, we aren't sure how we could manage without her. Besides being a great friend, Meghan is our "go-to" person to help start youngsters undersaddle or to get the babies going out on the trail. She is always game to take a horse to their first show or clinic.

Not only does Meghan help us with our horses, a few years ago she decided that it was time for her to officially own one as well. We could not have imagined a better partner for Gladheart Charbonneau, a black gelding we bred by Whippoorwill Aristocrat out of our own Gladheart Sonata (who is, BTW, promised to Meghan if we ever retire Sonata as a broodmare). Watching Meghan and "Bo" progress has been a definite treat!

Kimberlee Barker/KB Dressage

It takes special skill and showmanship to successfully promote a "non-traditional" dressage breed such as Morgans in the world of open dressage competition, and we have been very fortunate in finding someone who believes in our program and our horses. Our trainer, USDF Silver Medalist Kimberlee Barker, has done an outstanding job with our horses, especially making sure they get noticed both in open dressage competition and in other venues such as Expositions, dressage demonstrations and clinics. With her skill and special flair, we have been able to promote both our own horses and our breed. We value her as a trainer, partner and, most importantly, a friend.

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